Masa Belia

Yang Terjadi Akhir-Akhir Ini

Wooo, it’s been a long time since i wrote my post at October 1. Because I have my mid-test two weeks ago until last week, I couldn’t write new post. This time, at 10 o’clock, I came back home earlier because there’s a ceremony, I don’t know what kind of ceremony that is, but it caused all students finished their study at 10 o’clock.

Hey, yesterday, I’ve bought new shoes! Yes, new shoes for ‘turnamen pelajar’ at Senayan, Jakarta. My team, Richeese, will be playing this friday, at 18.00.

I bought this shoes at Hard Ball. It’s a new softball-baseball apparel shop, near Beebucks, in front of Gagas Ceria Kindergarten.


I’m so excited with the softball tournament, but how about the result of my mid-test huh? Just wait until Friday. School will give the result by friday.

Two days ago, monday exactly, X-5 student chairman, Arif, can make someone fainted for seconds with his maybe “magical power”. He tried his ability to Fathur. And this video (below) shows you how it goes,


Well, goodbye fellas, I’m going to go to Lodaya.

(wah, judulnya menipu. beda bahasa.)